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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

  • Zaylore Stout, Treasurer (he/him)
    Zaylore Stout, Treasurer (he/him)

    Originally from Southern California, Zaylore Stout moved to Minnesota to attend the University of St. Thomas School of Law in 2007. His law firm Zaylore Stout & Associates, LLC focused on employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and wage & hour matters. His local community activism has involved urging the St. Louis Park School Board to pass a Gender Inclusion Policy to protect transgender and gender nonconforming youth. He lives in the city of St. Louis park with his partner, Ore Lindenfeld, and dog, Lakota.

  • Rabindra Tambyraja (he/him)
    Rabindra Tambyraja (he/him)

    Rabindra Tambyraja (he/him) is currently the Chief Medical Information Officer at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Originally hailing from Ohio, he has lived in Minneapolis since 2010. As a strong advocate for youth mental health, he feels a connection to Reclaim’s mission, and feels privileged to have joined the Board in 2017. He looks forward to advancing Reclaim’s mission of service and inclusion.

  • Addy Free, Chair (he/him)
    Addy Free, Chair (he/him)

    RECLAIM is the kind of organization Addy says he wishes had been available to him as a young person. After becoming homeless due to a catastrophic coming out experience in rural Iowa in the 90s, Addy found community in the LGBT and allied community of nearby Iowa City, Iowa. His radical social worker took him to the first annual Conference on White Privilege at Cornell College, from which Addy would graduate a few years later.

    Today, Addy is Associate Registrar for Technology at Macalester College and cherishes the vast potential of transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, lesbian, bisexual and gay young people at Macalester and in the Twin Cities. He is an internationally recognized expert on the handling and standards of name and gender data within higher education technology systems, presenting and consulting extensively on the matter. Addy aims to contribute to his local community by sharing his talents for organization and analysis with RECLAIM as it continues its vital work.

  • Jackson Raynor, Secretary (they/them)
    Jackson Raynor, Secretary (they/them)

    Jackson Raynor is a research technician at the University of Minnesota in the field of cancer immunology. Jackson has spent the majority of their life in or around the Twin Cities - growing up in St. Louis Park, moving to Northfield, MN to attend Carleton College, and returning to Minneapolis after graduation in 2017. Jackson believes in the healing power of community, and aims to be an active member of the Minneapolis queer and leather communities. They also believe in the importance of art as a healing practice for queers especially and are an avid supporter of queer performers. Jackson hopes to continue their education in the future by pursuing a Master's degree and a license to practice therapy focusing on queer community in their own practice.

  • Judith Branham
  • Nikhil Kaistha
  • Denise Windenburg


  • Maryrose Dolezal (she/her)
    Maryrose Dolezal (she/her)

    Director of Development
    Maryrose serves as RECLAIM’s Director of Development, applying her passion for cultural wellness, racial and economic justice, and strategic movement building at the organizational level. She joined RECLAIM’s staff in 2012 as the Director of Operations to help RECLAIM start up as a nonprofit and has focused on grassroots fundraising as a growth strategy that aligns with RECLAIM’s healing justice mission. Maryrose serves on the board of the Lionsgate Academy Foundation and has an active meditation and cultural healing practice.

    Prior to her work at RECLAIM, Maryrose directed the national youth, nonviolence and anti-oppression training programs of the Fellowship of Reconciliation for eight years and served on the founding boards of directors for the Center for Story Based Strategy in CA and Common Fire Foundation in NY for a total of twelve years, including chairing each board. Her background also includes direct client care as a somatic movement therapist from 2010-2015 and teaching as an adjunct faculty at Hamline University, where she completed her M.A. in Nonprofit Management in 2007 with a thesis on critical multicultural change in nonprofit organizations. Maryrose lives in Minneapolis with her wife Roya, 11-year-old son Espen, and their cat Leo.

  • Elliot Feria (they/them)
    Elliot Feria (they/them)

    Elliot is excited to be joining the RECLAIM! team full-time after
    spending the past year as an intern. Elliot uses they/them pronouns
    and identifies as queer, trans and latinx. They enjoy working with
    young people with multiple marginalized identities. Elliot's practice
    draws from intersectional feminist theory, and narrative therapy.
    Collaboration, humor and empathy are core tenets of their practice.

  • Laine Mohnkern (they/them)
    Laine Mohnkern (they/them)

    Mental Health Supervisor
    Laine Mohnkern earned their Master's of Social Work from the University of Minnesota. They currently serve as the Mental Health Supervisor at Reclaim. They have been working on LGBT issues for over 15 years and have been therapy using trauma and play basted techniques. They have previously trained others on both a state and national level. Past trainings by this presenter have received positive feedback for energy, knowledge, and practical techniques. They are state trained in infant mental health, and trauma trained under multiple modalities, working from the idea that "our ability to heal and lead the life we want comes from our ability to connect with others in a safe and supportive relationship, which values and recognizes the needs of the individual". They strive to provide this in a playful, imaginative, connected, and out of the box approach. They have been passionate about diversity, social justice, healing and education. They believe that communication, continued practice and hope will continue to benefit areas they are committed to and they strive to bring these commitments and beliefs to their therapeutic work, advisory practices, training and writing.

  • Sara Pournoor
    Sara Pournoor

    Sara is a licensed graduate social worker and psychotherapist at Reclaim in St. Paul. They specialize in working with QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color), as well as others who have experienced trauma or marginalization as an individual or within their communities. They integrate their professional training and therapeutic skills with their lived experience as a queer and non-binary person of color and belong to the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network. In practice, Sara uses a post-modern, psychodynamic, relational approach, along with other modalities such as CBT/DBT principles, narrative, play therapy, and others when applicable. They have a background in youth work, social justice education, interfaith work, inpatient mental health, and crisis stabilization. Sara has a bachelors in social work from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee with a focus on youth work, and a masters in social work from Augsburg College. In their free time they enjoy cooking, reading, being in nature, traveling, and going to concerts.

  • Quinn Rivenburgh (they/them)

    Quinn Rivenburgh is a relational art therapist. Art therapy is a therapeutic modality that focuses on visual and metaphorical tools for healing emotional suffering. It is a way of attending to the poetry of our lives. Quinn practices from a trauma-informed perspective, prioritizing safety inside and outside of sessions while mitigating the effects of trauma on the mind, body and spirit. Quinn is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Masters of Art in Art Therapy and is also a 200RYT trauma-informed yoga teacher. Their experience ranges from community-based arts and healing practices, to folks with dementia, to youth and young adults, to survivors of trauma and violence. Quinn facilitates clients' ability to articulate their own visions of understanding, balance, and strength in their lives.

  • Leisha Suggs (they/them)
    Leisha Suggs (they/them)

    Hello, I’m Leisha I am a therapist at Reclaim who works with LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness and housing instability. I grew up in Maryland and received my undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature and a certificate in LGBT Studies from University of Maryland, College Park. I moved to Minnesota in 2008 and recently received my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis. My therapeutic style is largely Experiential in nature though I rely on some Solution-Focused methods. My hobbies include video games, reading, cooking with my wife, yard work, and blacksmithing.

  • Saba Teshome (she/her)
    Saba Teshome (she/her)

    Office Manager
    Saba Teshome is an office manager at RECLAIM. She received her BA in Business Administration from the University of St Thomas majoring in Finance, Accounting and Marketing. Saba worked at the Ramsey County Human Services as an accountant and subsequently as a payroll supervisor. After her twenty-year career with Ramsey County, Saba wanted to explore other opportunities outside the county and redirect her next phase of career.

    She eventually accepted an office manager position at RECLAIM enthusiastically because she believes that she will be gaining a very rewarding job experience by wearing lots of hats which means that as an
    office manager she will not be locked into one job function, but gain a wide range of experience in almost everything. Saba also believes that working for RECLAIM is a great opportunity to be a part of an organization that makes a difference in other people’s lives and changes the world for the better.

    When not working, Saba likes spending time with family and friends, working in the garden and reading. Saba currently resides in Minneapolis and can be reached at

  • Felicia Washington-Sy (she/her)
    Felicia Washington-Sy (she/her)

    Executive Director
    Dr. Felicia Washington Sy earned her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Minnesota and her Doctorate from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. She the Executive Director at RECLAIM! and former faculty at the University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine University (UST/SCU) School of Social Work in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dr. Sy combines mindfulness-based social work practice and intercultural theory in her work training direct practitioners to work with diverse populations across the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. She is passionate about social justice and human rights which form the basis for her leadership at RECLAIM.