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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

  • Marcus Waterbury, Chair (he/him)
    Marcus Waterbury, Chair (he/him)

    Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley

  • Jackson Raynor, Secretary (they/them)
    Jackson Raynor, Secretary (they/them)

    Jackson Raynor is a research technician at the University of Minnesota in the field of cancer immunology. Jackson has spent the majority of their life in or around the Twin Cities - growing up in St. Louis Park, moving to Northfield, MN to attend Carleton College, and returning to Minneapolis after graduation in 2017. Jackson believes in the healing power of community, and aims to be an active member of the Minneapolis queer and leather communities. They also believe in the importance of art as a healing practice for queers especially and are an avid supporter of queer performers. Jackson hopes to continue their education in the future by pursuing a Master's degree and a license to practice therapy focusing on queer community in their own practice.

  • Judy Branham (she/her)
    Judy Branham (she/her)

    Judy Branham is a privacy and cyber security expert at Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company where she serves as a Managing Director. Judy is passionate about diversity; she has fought to bring equality to the LGBTQ+ community both in her pro bono work as a lawyer and in leading diversity initiatives at Fortune 500 companies. Judy’s experience coming out in a conservative community, unable to find supportive resources easily, and undergoing subliminal conversion therapy energizes her to make sure youth have access to the resources that RECLAIM offers. Judy lives with her wife and two children in a suburb of Minneapolis.

  • Nikhil Kaistha (he/him)
    Nikhil Kaistha (he/him)

    Nikhil Kaistha is a psychotherapist in private practice. His work centers around the multidimensional aspect of healing informed by the individual's identity, culture, and spirituality, held in the tenderness of the heart space. Nikhil served as a volunteer counselor during the formative years of RECLAIM. He is an adjunct faculty in the Clinical Mental Health program at Adler Graduate School. Nikhil also owns and operates Life and Light LLC whose goal is to advance and make accessible knowledge that supports healing. His expertise includes supervision, holistic health modalities, trauma, LGBTQIAA+ health, teaching and multicultural counseling.

  • Denise Windenburg, Treasurer (she/her)
    Denise Windenburg, Treasurer (she/her)

    Denise Windenburg is a Research Director who oversees the research administration of the departments of Family Medicine and Community Health, Dermatology and Ophthalmology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. She works closely with researchers in grantsmanship, operations and compliance along with staff recruitment, training and retention. Denise lives with her spouse in Minneapolis and raised three boys, along with her nephew during his formative years, which gave her a front row seat to the importance of adolescent and young adult well being. She is currently the Board Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. The work is important to her to ensure others can have the resources and support they need for balance and well being in their lives. In her spare time she enjoys biking, cooking, walking her dog through beautiful park trails, and traveling.

  • Jason Umentum (he/him)
  • Kate Curley (they/them)
    Kate Curley (they/them)

    Dr. Kate Curley is a Learning and Development Consultant with a specialty on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at HealthPartners. Prior to this role, they received their doctorate in Educational Leadership and have held other roles where they were a college professor of leadership, conducted LGBTQ+ training for high school and college students, and did volunteer sexual violence counseling here in the Twin Cities. In addition to their professional role at HealthPartners, Curley also is an independent researcher who currently focuses on the intersection of trans/non-binary and religious, secular, and spiritual identities and communities. They are particularly excited about being back in the Twin Cities where they grew up, helping bridge communities and movements towards collective liberation, watching boy love K-Dramas, and telling everyone about that one time they met Janelle Monáe.


  • Melissa Martinez-Sones (she/hers)

    Interim Executive Director
    612-235-6743, x.11
    Melissa brings a wealth of leadership, facilitation and project management experience from her work with neighborhood organizations in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. She’s been an Executive Director for two neighborhood organizations, worked as a Councilmember’s Aide, developed internal policy for the City of Minneapolis, and worked on several complex projects involving a wide variety of elected officials, constituents, and community partners. She focuses on working with all stakeholders to achieve solutions to challenging issues.

    As interim Executive Director, Melissa focuses on the day-to-day oversight of the organization while supporting RECLAIM's staff, board, and stakeholders in recruiting a permanent Executive Director. When she’s not working with organizations in transition, Melissa enjoys baking award-winning cakes and recreating with her family in the most livable city in America (Saint Paul).

  • Caitlin Baldwin (she/her)

    Clinical Director
    Cailtin identifies as a cis gender clinical social worker, friend and mother. She has an MBA and MSW from Augsburg University. She received a BA in social welfare from U of WI- Madison. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW). Caitlin has training in CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Prolonged Exposure and was extensively trained in DBT. She uses mindful based practice as a foundation of her work with clients and in clinical supervision. Caitlin leans on many theoretical frameworks in her practice including multicultural feminist, systems, developmental, attachment and person centered. She believes that understanding our own and other's social historical context is critical to providing quality care.

    When not working Caitlin loves to ride bike, swim, hike, run, cook, garden and remain outdoors - on or near water as often and for as long as possible. She enjoys just about any activity with her kids and Pets.

  • Michal Frank (she/her)

    Therapist and Supervisor
    612-235-6743, x.21

  • Samuel Doten (he/him, they/them)
    Samuel Doten (he/him, they/them)

    Development & Communications Manager
    612-235-6743, x.13
    Samuel is part of RECLAIM's development team and manages communications. He graduated from Macalester College in 2016 with a B.A. in American studies and political science. Sam joined the RECLAIM team in November 2018, having previously worked in development roles at NAMI Minnesota and Neighborhood Development Center. He has a background in LGBTQ community organizing and is passionate about electing LGBTQ people to public office. He serves as chair of Stonewall DFL and has been on the caucus' board of directors since 2017. He loves Minnesota's 12 months of natural beauty, biking, and caring for his many house plants. Sam currently lives in Minneapolis and grew up in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

  • Maggie Druschel (they/them)
    Maggie Druschel (they/them)

    Project CLEAR Program Manager and Therapist
    612-235-6743, x.2011
    Maggie Druschel is a therapist and the program manager of Reclaim’s Project CLEAR Program, a partnership with St. Paul Public Schools, The Sexual Violence Center, Ramsey County SOS, as well as a stellar team of high school Peer Educators. In this role, Maggie works at the intersection of individual/family outpatient mental health and community health programming. Maggie’s therapeutic approach evolves from a grounding in narrative therapy, rooted in anti-oppressive, anti-racist and queer feminist theories, with additional training in Trauma-Focused-CBT, motivational interviewing, attachment theory, and the AIR Network model. They believe in the healing powers of expression and creativity, that therapy can be more than just talking, and seek to incorporate art and creative expression into their work. They believe that healing occurs through relationships and retelling our stories with power, compassion, and laughter, discovering our strengths and talents in new ways that help to cope with symptoms and heal ourselves.

    Maggie received their BA in Political Science and Community Development from the University of Vermont and their MSW from Salem State University. Their work experience includes complex care management; individual outpatient therapy; intensive in-home family therapy and care coordination for families in crisis; inpatient psychiatry; and managing refugee resettlement and refugee health programs.

    When not talking consent and boundaries with folks for Project CLEAR, Maggie spends their free time devouring books, television, and podcasts related to all things queer, genderful, or community building; engaging in endless baking, cooking, and fermentation projects; and pedaling or paddling around the Twin Cities.

  • Leisha Suggs (they/them)
    Leisha Suggs (they/them)

    612-235-6743, x.7
    Leisha is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT). They received their graduate degree in Marriage and Family therapy at Saint Mary’s University, Twin Cities. Leisha has also completed the Beginning Level training in Somatic Experiencing and will be continuing their work toward becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). Their therapeutic approach is trauma-informed, client-centered, and relational in nature. Leisha enjoys working with youth, families, parents of queer identified youth, couples, poly folks, kinky folks, and any and all nerdy/odd folk. Leisha is always up to discuss experiences of individual and systemic oppression, radical feminism, racial prejudice and heteronormativity in nerd culture, and Lord of the Rings trivia.

    Personally, Leisha identifies as a non-binary Black nerd. When Leisha is not at work they spend their time reading, journaling, playing video games, replaying really old video games, petting their three cats, cooking with their wife, and gardening.

  • Mariya D. Mirzoyan (she/her)
    Mariya D. Mirzoyan (she/her)

    612-235-6743, x.2014
    Mariya is a therapist and former therapy fellow at Reclaim and she feels very fortunate and grateful to be part of such an important organization. Mariya is a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology program at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Her theoretical approach is trauma-informed and rooted in Multicultural Feminist theory. Her areas of clinical focus include working with clients who face individual and systemic challenges that arise from living in a racist and heterosexist society. Mariya was born and raised in Armenia, though she has lived more than half of her life in the United States. In her personal life, Mariya navigates the complexity of holding both oppressed identities and passing privilege, and enjoys working with clients who also navigate the complex interplay of holding both privileged and oppressed identities. She is fluent in Russian and Armenian and takes great pride and pleasure in being able to work with immigrant and refugee communities, sometimes in their preferred languages. She recently completed an advanced complex trauma and dissociation training using the Adaptive Internal Relational (AIR) Network theoretical model and is looking forward to using this competency-based approach in her work with clients who present with complex trauma, PTSD, and dissociative abilities. In her free time, Mariya loves to spend time with her partner and their two dogs (Pheenie the Chihuahua and Maya the Rottweiler rescue), play and watch soccer, and engage in some quality time with family and friends.

  • Dylan Gray (they/them)
    Dylan Gray (they/them)

    Project CLEAR Therapist
    6512-273-6743 x.28
    Dylan identifies as a queer, non-binary social worker. Dylan is a therapist for project CLEAR (Consent Leads to Empowering and Affirming Relationships), a program that encompasses individual/family therapy, healthy relationship groups at the middle and high school level, and the peer educator program.

    Dylan’s therapeutic orientation is anti-oppressive, anti-racist and grounded in ecological systems theory, developmental repair, and attachment theory. They practice relational, client-centered therapy. They believe identity is not discovered, processed and supported solely in isolation; they believe in support through multiple forms of therapy/relationships as a part of holistic healing and recovery from dominant oppressive systems. They have training in DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma Focused CBT.

    Dylan received their BA from Smith College in sociology and MSW from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. They have worked across various settings over the years including: mental health case management, adult foster care, school social work, domestic violence intervention and prevention, and eating disorders.

    In their free time, they enjoy cooking projects, gardening, talking walks, camping, biking to and jumping in lakes and rivers, watching TV, listening to podcasts, and playing cribbage.