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Internships and Fellowships

RECLAIM is committed to supporting the professional development of those who wish to become skilled in working with adolescents’ experiences related to sexual orientation and gender identity and/or expression.

This is in alignment with our organizational mission of increasing current and future access for skilled care towards all queer and trans youth in our communities.


We accept interns who are pursuing their Master’s degrees in disciplines such as MSW, LPC/LPCC, LMFT and LADC. Students may indicate their interest at any time of the year. Our ability to receive new interns is based on our capacity to support the student, physical space, as well as overall fit of skills and values between the intern and organization. At this time, these positions are unpaid.


These positions are for people who are licensed at the Master’s level but are not yet eligible to be credentialed until they have completed the required number of practice hours for their respective disciplines. We recognize the amount of time, practice and investment that is required to develop a theoretical foundation and skill set to engage in this work. The Fellowship position will encourage the fellow to develop a body of work based on their own interest, receive regular supervision with an LISCW therapist, group consultation, and many unique opportunities for training. These positions are 20 hours per week and are paid.

At RECLAIM interns and fellows are regarded as full team members and as such are expected to learn about and/or participate in all aspects of organizational development including but not limited to: decision making, budgeting, grant writing and interacting with the board. It is our goal to develop professionals who have a broad range of skills and knowledge so they are well positioned to create systematic change in any future environment.

We have a preference to engage interns and fellows with whom we are already in relationship. Please consider volunteering, coming to RECLAIM events or participating in the People of Color (POC) cohort if that is an option for you. Participation does not guarantee a position but we do have a strong value around on-going relationships and building from within an existing community of people who are committed to this work.


For more information on internships and fellowships at RECLAIM, please contact Caitlin Baldwin at

At this time, RECLAIM is at capacity to host internships through the 2023-2024 academic year. Please check beck in the spring of 2024 for opportunities.