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RECLAIM Board of Directors & Committees

RECLAIM is looking to strengthen its current Board and Committees by adding members who are dedicated to the cause and mission of RECLAIM and able to commit time and talent to the organization. If you don’t have board experience, a committee is a great way to get to learn more about service while supporting the work of RECLAIM by focusing on specific areas, including programs, finance, governance, and development. If you have board experience or feel you are ready to serve on a board, RECLAIM is also looking for board members. While not necessary, experience in mental health and accounting/finance are beneficial. RECLAIM desires to have a board that is reflective of the community we serve, so persons of color and members of the LGBTQ community are encouraged to apply.

Check out our meet & greets on March 21 & 27 (2024) on our Events Calendar



What’s the difference between RECLAIM board service and committee service?

Board members provide organizational leadership, direction, and oversight to maximize RECLAIM’s ability in achieving its mission. The Board of Directors is the ultimate decision-maker for the organization, hiring, supporting, and evaluating the executive director and through them the work of the organization. Committee members support the work of RECLAIM’s Board of Directors and staff through their work towards specific, subject-matter goals. Committees currently include: Program; Finance; Governance; and Development.


  • Program Committee
    Guides and supports program design and evaluation.

  • Finance Committee
    Guides and supports annual budget, and financial projections.

  • Governance Committee
    Oversees Board member recruitment, Board skill assessment, community representation in leadership, gauging board member moral and culture keeping, board member skill building and board (group) development, board operations policy development, strategic planning and evaluation of the functioning of RECLAIM as a whole and of the Board specifically.

  • Development Committee
    Guides and supports the Board of Directors in raising financial and other resources to ensure that RECLAIM has the fiscal ability to carry out its mission.


Committee Member Commitments & Responsibilities

  • Time commitment
    • 3-5 hours a month on average
    • 1 year commitment
    • One monthly 90 minute meeting
  • Responsible for at least one project at most times
  • Attend board meetings when your work group develops a proposal for board approval


Board Member Commitments & Responsibilities                                

  • Time commitment
    • 8-10 hours per month              
    • 2-year commitment (but ideally a 3-year term)                                      
  • Give a personally significant annual financial contribution
  • Commit to gathering resources (e.g. financial, relational, informational)
  • Serve on a committee
  • Hold fiduciary responsibility: Board members are personally liable for RECLAIM’s legal and financial decisions. We do have board liability insurance!


Can anyone come to a board meeting?

Yes! Board meetings are open to all work group members and community members.


Current board and work group schedules

Board meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month from 6pm-8pm.

Committee meetings are held monthly at various times.


What should I do next?

If you are interested and would like to learn more about board and committee opportunities, complete the form below to get in touch with us:

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