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Faith Community Partners

We are reaching out for support from faith communities who share our social justice values!

What does it mean to be in partnership with RECLAIM?
  • Support RECLAIM

    Offer an annual financial contribution at any giving level, ideally for multiple years. This helps us grow sustainably and sends a powerful message to funders that our mission & work with queer and trans youth have long term community buy in.

  • Raise Trans Awareness

    Commit to open spaces in your faith community to explore issues of gender identity and how to be an ally community/ congregation.

  • Cultivate Our Relationship

    This may include linking websites, putting an article in your newsletter about our work, hosting a visit from RECLAIM staff, clients, or board members, inviting members of your community to volunteer at RECLAIM’s summer Pride booth, &/or co-hosting an event in the community, for example.

To learn more about partnering with RECLAIM please contact Development & Communications Manager Samuel at 612-235-6743 ext. 2 or