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Training and Consultation

Training and Consultation

RECLAIM offers both training and on-going consultation to organizations that are interested in improving their ability to work effectively around experiences of sexual orientation and gender identity.


Trainings are provided on the following topics:

  • Gender and Sexuality (SOGIE) 101 
  • Allyship and Creating Inclusive Spaces
  • Generalist practice of providing Gender Affirming Mental Health Care
  • Specialized training on clinical care for queer and trans youth (specific to care setting)
  • Supporting parents/caregivers of queer and trans youth

Fees range from $250 - $500 per hour depending on the number of attendees and training type.


  • Provider consultation – monthly sessions for cohorts of 6-8 providers. Participation requires a 6-month commitment and costs $600 for the series. Flexible payment terms are available.
  • Organization consultation – organizations contract with RECLAIM for 6 months and select the providers (maximum of 8) who attend. Contracts include a fee of $1500 to cover 6 monthly sessions.
  • Program consultation – organizations contract for support to ensure policies and practices are queer/trans affirming. Fees are project specific.

Consultations address the clinical needs and specific interventions for queer/trans youth and young adults being served by a provider or organization and are grounded in a person-centered, intersectional identity development and trauma-based approach to clinical care.

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