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Integrative Health Services

RECLAIM is proud to have offered complementary modalities of care to support youth to integrate their physical experience, self-care and healing with the understanding gained from talk therapy. We hope to restart this care when we have more staffing capacity.


The following are testimonials from clients who have been supported through RECLAIM’s Integrative Health Services:

“The Integrative Health Clinic has created invaluable resources for me that otherwise I wouldn’t have access to. The support I get from RECLAIM now encompasses so much more than counseling and community, but allows me to see the connections for myself between my physical, emotional, and mental well being. I’m finding that the ways I walk through the world can create stress in more ways than I am even aware of sometimes. It’s incredibly empowering to recognize these stressors through a healing process, and to be offered skills that help me to cope and to care for myself. I especially have benefited from seeing the nutritionist/chiropractic specialist who has been able to address my mental health issues, chronic migraines, and body pain through body work and careful attention to my diet. Having the tools to care for myself means that I can walk through the world a little bit stronger, and can care for others as well.”

“I feel deeply grateful for the services provided at the clinic evening at RECLAIM. I have never been met with the care provided with such knowledge and comfort with trans bodies. Going to the Clinic has provided my body and soul with regenerative power and healing.”

“After visiting the nutritionist, it 100% changed my life. Before I was eating junk food and seeing my skin disorder go from bad to unmanageable. I was depressed and sat in my house not wanting the world to judge me. I knew I needed to make a real change when my doctor looked at me with a shocked face and announced I was surely dehydrated form only drinking pop. Seeking help, I went here and now my skin is fantastic! Being in public again, I regained my confidence, joyfulness, with the outlook of a better life. Thank you so much for changing my mind from wasting away alone.”