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Client Testimonials

Gender Exploration

“Group…what to say about group?  There are no words, no phrases; no possible description I could give to you to describe what group is to me.  This is my sanctuary; this is where I can truly be myself in the world even if there is no other place.  However, it’s more than where I can be myself, it’s where I can become myself.”

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Youth & Family Therapy

“What I’m reclaiming is a body that is my own, words that strengthen and empower me; people and spaces and love that sustain me. I am shelter enough for myself and can be for others as well. I am not hiding anymore…”

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Integrative Health Services

“I feel deeply grateful for the services provided at the clinic evening at RECLAIM. I have never been met with the care provided with such knowledge and comfort with trans bodies. Going to the Clinic has provided my body and soul with regenerative power and healing.”

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