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Telling Queer History: The Substance of Queer Joy

Saturday, October 14, 2023
10:00 am12:00 pm
Minneapolis Central Library: Doty Boardroom, 2nd Floor

From Telling Queer History:

How do we create spaces to joyfully connect and explore each other while avoiding the harms that unchecked substance use can cause?
This conversation is nuanced, contradictory and challenging- and we’re here for it! There’s a history here- drugs and alcohol have both helped us to connect and have been a source of harm.

Balance with substance use can be helpful and healing, leading to freedom on dance floors, deep conversations, and mental health improvement. Yet, folks who choose to use and those who choose sobriety can both become isolated, for different reasons. There are so many considerations, and no one right way to address these issues.

We don’t want the bars or the substances to go away, and we want there to be other options for folks. More than ever- given that queer culture is getting so commodified- we need to build deeper connections with each other. That’s why TQH gatherings are and will continue to be intergenerational connection and deep healing spaces and they will remain substance free.

Join us on October 14 as we learn from our past, shape our collective experiences, and share our visions for a connected and thriving community, with and without substances.