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Written and performed by Brittany Delaney

Commissioned by RECLAIM


Remember when they used to tell us we were broken?

That the truth we knew about ourselves was fragmented?

That we were lost in a sea of phases

A collection of confusion and wrong turns

Bones just waiting to grow out of this moment and into the boxes and pronouns they demanded we chose to identify ourselves


Do you remember the first time you colored outside of the lines and knew you were crafting a masterpiece of self?

Felt at home amongst the rainbows laying just beyond the sketch?

The moment... there was no going back to life’s paint by numbers game

The moment... the only option was to choose your truth


Do you remember the first time you felt your skin and called it your own?

A reclaiming of sorts

A statement to this world that there are no mistakes in creation

These bodies are our canvas to imagine them as we please

Beauty this deep cannot remain trapped by skin

We are not broken


We are limitless

We are not all over the place

We are expansive

We can’t change the fact that we cover all the ground beneath us

We are soil 

We are colorful

We are not made to contort our bodies for others’ lack of flexibility

We were made to grow

We are the entire galaxy and all that it holds

We can’t be written

Out of history when

we helped sketched the blueprints

We are in every color in the wheel

You can keep your closets

We made those beautiful too


We are light and love and water and energy 

We cannot be contained or lost

You cannot define us for us

We’ve reclaimed our narrative

Because silence comes with too great of a cost

Life may bend us, but break it will not

When love is the agenda

There is no force great enough to make it stop

We are not broken

There were no mistakes made here

These scars we’ve collected along the journey added texture to our layers that the world wanted us to fear


Do you remember the first time you decided that you could no longer be anything but yourself?

Hold onto that moment

Massage it into your soul

For when you live unapologetically out loud

You give permission to someone else