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Meet the Team - Crystal

Crystal Audi

RECLAIM provides a multitude of services, from training to mental health services, such as clinical therapy. The organization is able to provide mental health and therapy services through their incredible therapy staff, which consists of five licensed therapists and three interns. Crystal Audi (they/them) is a Mental Health Therapist with RECLAIM. They’ve been practicing outpatient therapy for a year and a half. This is their first therapy position after graduating from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. 

Outside of work, Crystal loves to nap in the sun with their cat. They enjoy horror movies and reality tv and love when clients come with recommendations. Crystal is also a big reader and spends a lot of time outside. 

Crystal has pursued studying mental health as a career path since college. “I started with macro level work and worked in mental health research post-undergrad,” Crystal stated when asked what led them to working in therapy. “I didn’t feel the material impact, though, or that I was reaching the community.” This led Crystal to pursue being a therapist, and has allowed them to feel more aligned with their goals and values, as well as contribute to the LGBTQIA+ community. Now, Crystal feels they’re making a bigger impact. “My strengths and passions are able to come through the most [by working in therapy],” Crystal said. “I get to work with those who have similar identities, and help clients see someone like them in this kind of role.” 

Crystal specifically pursued working with teens and young adults because of their interest in identity development and interpersonal relationships. “Adolescence is such an important time in people’s lives,” Crystal emphasized. They also wanted to be in a position where their identity could be reflected in their clients; Crystal is queer, non-binary, and Palestinian, so it was also important to them to be in a position where clients who may identify in a similar way could work with a therapist like them. 

When asked what challenges Crystal’s clients face, they said their clients are like many other teens, navigating anxiety, depression, and school, friend, and family stress. Some of their clients, though, also face resource needs, such as accessing food, transportation, and housing. “Many clients want to talk about gender dysphoria and gender confirming care and have complex, overlapping concerns,” Crystal said. “They face discrimination and are oppressed in different ways. They’re trying to figure out their identities in a world that doesn’t make them feel welcome and safe.” 

Though the work can be heavy, Crystal loves building relationships with their clients. “I just love building relationships with young people. We have so much fun together. I love hearing what they’re interested in, about their relationships, and their perspectives on the world. It’s so rewarding and fun for me.” 

One of Crystal’s favorite things about RECLAIM is that services are financially accessible to clients. “The sliding scale goes down to zero. It was honestly one of the biggest draws to work here for me; we can provide therapy and you don’t have to have insurance, use your parent’s insurance, or handle late fees or cancellation fees. It’s really unique and super accessible. It made RECLAIM feel right for me.” 

If you’re interested in pursuing services by RECLAIM, or would like to learn more about Crystal Audi, other staff members, and RECLAIM in general, please visit