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Gender Exploration Group

This group welcomes young people who are exploring their own gender identity and wish to do so in the company of other youth.The group meets weekly and is facilitated by RECLAIM staff and a volunteer. Typical topics include decision making related to medical intervention, family relationships, communication, sex and love.

Participants are encouraged to find their growing edge (wherever it may be) and lean into it with a bit of laughter and love. This is an open ended on going group that is best suited for youth ages 15-25. Group meets on Wednesday nights from 6:15-8:15pm. Please call 612-235-6743 to request an intake prior to participation. Same recommended fee scale as for individual counseling.

Gender Exploration Group Testimonials

“I’ve been in group for 3 years.  I found it by accident but I feel like it was something meant to be.  When I first started, I was scared, confused and angry but with time and patience, the different members of group helped me work with that energy and help me grow as a person.”

“Group…what to say about group?  There are no words, no phrases; no possible description I could give to you to describe what group is to me.  This is my sanctuary; this is where I can truly be myself in the world even if there is no other place.  However, it’s more than where I can be myself, it’s where I can become myself.”

“When I enter group I feel relief as I enter a space that makes me feel safe and at home enough to take off my shoes. As I leave, I feel accomplishment that I have helped other people down the same path.”

“I have been attending the Gender Exploration Group for three years. This has so dramatically changed my life. I come from a small town, so I never had…met other young transgender folks before. Group therapy has given me the tools and resources to make my way in the world in the gender I am (not the one I was assigned at birth) and with the tools of being honest and healthy. I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t been connected with this program. I now have life long friends that are family, a job in social work and a relationship that is amazing.”